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Friday, December 15, 2006

Grasim Industries, a family-controlled business, is the outperformer with a return of 134.99%

Again, considering the 365-day simple return for all the fifty constituents individually, Grasim Industries, a family-controlled business, is the outperformer with a return of 134.99%. Furthermore, out of the top ten performers in terms of 365-day (ending November 1, 2006) simple returns, no less than eight companies are family-controlled. A comparison of the financial performance between the two groups shows that the accumulated gross sales of the family-owned businesses (in Nifty) for the four quarters ending September, 2006 stands at Rs.3,024 billion as compared to the combined top line figures of Rs.7,034 billion for the Nifty constituents, which represents a healthy 43% of the total pie. The bottom-line figures too show a similar trend as family-owned constituents in the index, with a total figure of Rs.911 billion, form 44% of the total net profits of all Nifty companies. For more information on IIPM Editorial Article, please click here...,

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Monday, December 11, 2006

RCL & Bharti taste the Bhutanese defeat

Where on one hand there’s celebration all around with respect to the success of the Indian players in retail, Reliance Communications (RCL) & Bharti, have yet again failed to make a mark on international soil. So what, if they are the largest CDMA & GSM operators in India, there is little respect for them outside the nation. While both players were recently knocked out of the race for securing telecom operating licence in Bhutan, the inexperienced Tahsi Group, with its Rs.795 million bid emerged as the victor! This follows the recent bowing out of both the players in a similar bid in Kenya and RCL’s unsuccessful bid to enter the Egyptian market. Perhaps, this serves as a realisation that reigning supreme in India does not guarantee a similar recognition in the global markets, which are driven by much higher standards!

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Source: IIPM, 4Ps, B&E

Thursday, October 26, 2006

HP is following the cradle to grave strategy...

The deal is a consequence of Mark’s vision to make HP a complete IT solution provider like IBM. But HP’s portfolio is still dominated by the printing business, which accounts for 60% of its operating profits. Richard Ptak, Analyst, Ptak Noel & Research points out, “HP is following the cradle to grave strategy... HP, with all its sizes, has yet to prove that it can pull together all the pieces and present them effectively.” Nevertheless, Mark Hurd has brought some cheer to HP. The company’s stock price stood at $36.69 on September 30 (a growth of 69% since he took over on April 1, 2005, split adjusted). Turnaround is definitely not a new phenomenon for Hurd. As CEO of NCR (maker of ATMs), he managed to quintuple NCR’s net income from $58 million to $258 million in 2003. From being a graduate in business administration at Baylor University to orchestrating successful turnarounds at leading companies, Mark has come a long way. He literally looks to be the “Man Friday” for HP today. But whoever said that life for a Man Friday is easy. At a time when Mark should be further strategising on the future of HP, he finds himself in court, giving explanations for the boardroom leak scandal. But Hurd is facing these charges with dignity. Taking responsibility on himself for the errors, he states, “We intend to continue our investigation until we determine the root causes of the failure. We will introduce process changes to correct the situation.” Whether it’s a gruelling board meeting or a six hour long hearing session in the courtroom, Mark Hurd never fails to impress with his uncanny knack for handling the toughest of situations in the most diligent manner. HP stakeholders look towards him to take the company to unbeatable heights. But for that, HP and Mark Hurd will have to first weather the legal storm that confronts them...
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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Cost of Capital: An International Comparison (IIPM's B&E Publication)

Forgetting AIM, it must be noted that during the same period the LSE-Main market (with higher regulatory norms) raised an astounding 6.4 billion euros through 17 IPOs (at an average of 377 million euros per IPO), as compared to US exchanges, which managed to raise 18.2 billion euros through 107 IPOs, and that too, at a pitiful average of 170 million euros per IPO – thus further aggravating the dilemma for US bourses. Apart from regulations, the cost of raising equity, which is almost double in the US as compared to Europe, has been the most critical aspect for companies. According to a survey titled “The Cost of Capital: An International Comparison” (conducted by Oxera Consulting Ltd. And published by the City of London in June 2006), IPO underwriting fees alone cost 7.5% on an equally weighted average scale, compared to 3.8% for the whole of Europe. Cost advantages coupled with less regulatory troubles are diverting both US companies and non-US companies towards European markets. It may not be blame storming time yet, but for upholding its status as the largest market for capital formation, Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) must amend Sarbanes-Oxley with immediate effect to make things easier for companies. Also, it must put the cost of equity under check, else it won't be long before SEC has to bow down and settle with the number two position.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Epson: Exceed your vision (IIPM: 4Ps Article)

BRAND : Epson

HEADLINE : If it stops printing, the error’s probably human.

BASELINE : Exceed your vision

AGENCY : www.epson.co.in

4Ps TAKE : GREAT catchline. What better way to grab attention than be almost nonchalant about your product confidence? The visual speaks a million words and is a logical extension of the catch line: The printer won’t stop working unless you trip it up or something like that. The body copy talks about the other features of Epson printers, but the power idea is a winner and takes the ad very, very high on the recall stakes. This truly is the Age of the Machine!

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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Ridin’ away to Morocco!

It may not be the first place to come to your mind when you plan out a surfing trip, but those interested in ample spots for catching a good wave, without the habitual horde of surfers, can move towards the Moroccan surfing central Agadir and then 15 kms north to Tamraght. Set at the feet of the awe-inspiring Atlas Mountains, Tamraght’s surfing season begins this month and offers heaps of sunshine, untouched unblemished sandy beaches, where the soft break at Banana Point is ideal for beginners, while the Boilers should suit the taste of the dare devils more! And after you’re tired of riding the waves, join an off -road biking trip or a camel safari and enjoy a ride through the mountains, dunes, Berber villages, ancient Kasbahs…

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

IIPM Publication - The finest movies of the last 78 years

I could reel of the names of the finest movies of the last 78 years and their non pareilactors, writers, directors, producers and technicians but I shall leave that for the feature writers to earn their bread and butter from and acquaint you instead with some beefy gossip to savour. Cut to the star spangled carpet of a colour mistaken by several plebeians as red but in fact is a secret shade of cayenne specially concocted for the Academy. Treading down this matchless matting, in their exquisite evening wear, there isn’t much else on the mind of these celebrities than mingling with the paparazzi and their fanatical fans, who hang onto the rails hoping to catch just one glimpse of these demigods.

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